“Since introducing the DIR model into Ysgol Hen Felin we have seen quite staggering results for both staff and pupils. Through working extensively with the behaviour consultant Sian Nash, staff have felt more informed and skilled in being able manage the pupils behaviours with their knowledge of the individual differences of the children being greatly enhanced. By the staff understanding the children better, they have been able to help the children learn and the standards in the school have dramatically improved."

Andy Henderson (Head teacher) – YHF

“At around thirteen months our daughter Macey was showing signs of ASD.  Sian Nash, a lifelong friend introduced us to DIR Floortime therapy.The programme was intense but Macey responded so well it was highly motivating.

With help from family, regular coaching from Sian and Frie  Hendericks, Macey is now considered on the ‘high functioning’ end of the spectrum. She attends a main stream school, where she is making good progress, academically and socially.
DIR highlights the importance of ‘early intervention’ and how it can become an intrinsic part of our everyday life”.

Shelly Gee Wing – Parent

“In 2009 I had one of the most challenging experiences of my professional teaching career.  A foundation phase class with a ‘mix’ of misunderstood children.  Sian’s attitude was different to others that I had asked for guidance.  She helped my team and I understand needs & aspirations of the pupils, but more importantly allowed these children to ‘believe in themselves.’

From day 1 Sian helped us change the culture I had forged for many years.  We listened to her advice, worked on her assessments & improved our overall skills. Through sharing this good practice these pupils now achieve far more during the school day & the staff teams are far more capable in this field of work.”

Nigel Hendy - (Senior Teacher) Ysgol Hen Felin

'Our little boy Jack had just started nursery when it was brought to our attention that he was experiencing difficulties and had some behavioural issues.  We didn't know where to turn until we spoke with Sian who taught us and supported us as we began to use DIR Floortime Therapy at home. Jack responded really well and when we received his actual diagnosis of ASD it was a comfort that we felt confident we had the right tools in place to continue supporting his development through DIR.

Jack has attended weekly Social Clubs and every Easter/Summer Camp since we started with the DIR model. Our whole family has received regular coaching and we will continue to do so as the results are evident in Jack's continuous development."

Rhian Worgan (Parent Testimonial)