SNT provides autism and behaviour management training for professionals and families

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What We Do

When an individual’s behaviour starts to deteriorate so does their quality of life and social, educational and employment opportunities.  Parents, carers and organisation’s can often feel under equipped and isolated in their efforts to support the individual.

We want to reduce the impact of challenging behaviour on the individual, families and organisation’s, while improving the quality of life and the social, educational and recreational opportunities of the individual.

We believe the first part of understanding challenging behaviour is forming a relationship based on trust while understanding the individual’s needs. We recognise that current behavioural approaches focus on surface behaviour, rather than underlying deficits and relationship building. We believe in presuming competence and that all individuals have the ability to develop throughout their lifetime.

What We Specialise In

SNT is a team of multidisciplinary professionals with over 40 years of experience working with children and adults to develop person centred strategies in social, education and residential settings.  SNT staff are trained and experienced in using a range of behavioural, attachment, relationship and communication strategies including ABA, DIR, Positive Behaviour Support, Restorative Justice, TEACCH and PECS.

The founders of SNT Autism are the first professionals in the UK to gain DIR certification. We are the first UK based Company to offer training to professionals and families within the DIR/Floortime approach. The company is also the first to embed the approach into schools within the UK, and has achieved sector leading status in 2015.  SNTraining believes in integrating different approaches with the emphasis on ensuring that learning is based on the developmental needs on the individual.

What Makes Us Unique

We base our support on the Development Individual Relationship Based (DIR®) Intervention Model. The objectives of the DIR® approach is to build healthy foundations for social, emotional, educational and intellectual capacities rather than focusing on the surface behaviour. We specialise in disorders such as ASD, ADHD, PDA, OCD, Down’s syndrome, language disorders, attachment disorders and behavioural difficulties. We believe in a person centred developmental approach and we celebrate each individual for who they are, whilst building on their strengths.

We work closely with the individual and their parents/carers and professionals involved in their lives. We feel a multidisciplinary approach and the sharing of information and strategies is paramount for a consistent and successful approach.

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Our Mission

CTC is an interdisciplinary team of enthusiastic professionals who work with children and young people with difficulties in communicating, relating and thinking. We base our treatment on the Developmental Individual Relationship Based (DIR®) Intervention Model. We believe in a child centred developmental approach that looks at each individual and tailors an approach to suit the needs of each individual.

Our Mission Statement:

  -  To presume competence in all
  -  To promote well regulated and engaged individuals
  -  To help individuals to live as independent and fulfilled lives
  -  To ensure that individuals develop a good sense of self
  -  To prepare individuals to live successful and happy lives
  -  To prepare individuals emotionally, socially, behaviorally and academically to the best of their ability
  -  To bring together professionals to deepen their understanding and implementing of the DIR® model
  -  To spread information of the model through offering training and attending conferences
  -  To support families in their experiences of raising an exceptional child
  -  To provide best practice quality services to families and their children

Our Goals

Our goal is to help and inform others by celebrating individual differences of children and adults with relating and communicating difficulties.  By understanding these differences we will help them reach their potential. Progress must start with a relationship. We support children to become happy, secure, social and creative people, who can think outside the box and think on their feet. We respect and support each child’s unique profile while promoting development through meaningful, relationship-based experiences.

The relationships that support this development are built on respect and trust.  Once we have taken the time to get to know the child and learn about the unique way in which they experience the world, we can support them in reaching higher levels of development.